Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The following youtube video was sent to me this fall while on the Supertour.  If you watch it, you will understand the following pictures :)

The APU juniors are totally AWESOME!

So I picked red, white, and blue..... the boys came through on the deal! 

And then the girls decided to follow suit!

Kyle during.... (I think it actually looks kind of cool like this!) 

High school boy sacrifice! Forrest, Ray, and Kyle

"What did we do!"

Rob stopped by the salon to check on the progress


Forrest even got his unibrow WAXED for the occasion... I feel so special  (I think Ray might have too!)

Turning a brown afro red is no easy chore

Big Mac pre-blue

Mac and Erica representing with their side ponies!

Thank you guys! I feel so honored :)  Miss you all.... 


  1. My brother did his too, just a few days late than the other boys---you'll have to check out his facebook, its pretty funny