Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a CRAZY day!

First of all, THANK YOU everyone for your support through the tough times and the good - today was one of those good days - really, really good!  I missed a phone call around 8am this morning while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth.  When I viewed the missed call I saw that it was "435", the Park City area code.   It was either going to be a really good call, or a really bad call. It was good!  Pete (Head US Ski Team coach) told me to pack my bags!

From there it's been a whirl-wind day of calling and texting family and friends, talking to the media, doing my JOB!  I was great to attend both my Noon Masters session and a practice with my junior athletes to share the news with them!

Erica came to practice with a Go Holly! Headband and foam hand... a couple of the juniors boys lost "the bet" and have to die their hair a color of my chosing.  I got a phone message from Lisa Murkowski personally congratulating me!  When I pulled into my driveway this sign was on my front window:

I'm not sure who made it but I have my suspicions!  (Thanks!)

I wish I had time to relax, to return phone calls, to get a long night of sleep but that's all far from the truth! I fly out tomorrow morning at 7:30am which means I have to be at the airport at 5:45, up at 4:45, etc, etc. Kikkan, James, Erik and I are headed to Canmore early for an altitude camp prior to the pre-Olympic World Cup in Canmore.  Most people don't have their first International racing experience a couple days before competing in the Olympics.  It's not ideal but I'll take it!

Thanks Everyone!

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  1. Holly,
    Congrats on becoming an Olympian and thank you for sharing some great photos. #31/49 (wedding shot) is truly one of the greatest photos of the human experience (certainly of a wedding party) that I can recall ever seeing....for God's sake, how do we get a copy! Awesome!!! Alas, we missed the date, much to our chagrin & embarrassment. I trust that your skiing success is going hand in hand with a great marriage -- regardless, just let Rob know who's the boss. We will be watching for you in a couple of weeks in Canada -- have a great time and the rest will take care of itself.
    Craig (Rob's CA cousin), Elena, Roenigk, Carson & Hudson