Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How do you Play?

Helping people begin, maintain and learn to love healthy lifestyles is one of my passions.  
For the past couple of years I've had the great pleasure in being involved in a State Run initiative called Healthy Futures.  I serve as a "Healthy Hero" or basically a spokesperson for the campaign.  Our latest initiative is really cool and it's called, Play Every Day!  Play Every Day challenges Alaska's Youth to "Get out and play everyday, for at least 60 minutes."  This could be anything from walking your dog, working in the garden, playing on the playground at recess, running, skiing or riding your bike.  There is no limitation!  The most important part is that you DO IT!  This isn't just important for young people.... I'd love to make the case that it's important for EVERYONE!  I don't know about you but I feel better if I can start my day with a little bit of fresh air and/or get my blood pumping! So, I'd like to ask you, "How do you Play!?!?!"  Get out and do it! 

If you want to check out our current ad running on TV play the vimeo link below! 

For more info on the program check out the website HERE. 

Here is some of my recent "Play!" 

Snow Biking across Eklutna Lake with Ana (Photo, Jim Jager)

 Bike to School Day!  Over 1.500 kids and 40 schools participated! Thanks Ben Harris for making this event a success! 
Handing out stickers at Bike to School Day.... Good job Trailside Elementary! 

Running with Tyson Elementary School Students as part of the ARISE program... (Active Recess Inspires Success and Excellence)  The kids have already skipped, ran, walked & jumped 1557 miles (the distance of traveling from Anchorage to the Arctic Ocean and back).... all during their Tuesday & Thursday recess times!  Congrats Tyson kids! 

 Handstands on top of Bird Ridge! 

Skiing with a group from Pacific Northern Academy! 

Now its your turn.... get out and Play Today!  I promise that you'll feel better :) 

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  1. Holly,
    I love your Bib idea!!! Brian and I borrowed this concept for our work with the kids here in Minneapolis and they loved it! Great to see you doing so much and I hope training is going great! Have fun in Bend!
    All the best,