Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Three - Recovery

Check out this sweet picture that my uncle Dennis sent over email. This is me and my dad skiing when I was 8 1/2 months old! My dad looks like he came straight from Woodstock and what do you know.... I have an Olympic hat on?!

Our approach coming to altitude is to take day 3 off from training.  The third day at altitude is notoriously one of the hardest with low levels of oxygen in the blood.  It can make a person from sea level feel extremely out of shape!  Starting tomorrow, our bodies will start to re-adjust to our new environment and acclimate a bit more each day.  I'm excited to have the day to get caught up on paperwork and emails. Yes, ski racers have "paperwork!"

I wanted to start the day with a couple of thoughts. First is to thank my husband Rob for being such a huge help through this whole process.

Rob has been working his tail off making "Go Holly" stickers, communicating with friends and family, helping with logistics, acting as my personal assistant, etc, etc. He's the best husband that anyone could ask for. Thanks Babe!

Next, good luck to my APU junior skiers that have a high school race today! Ski hard and have fun you guys, I will be thinking of you!

I'll write more soon.  The coffee is calling me from downstairs....