Thursday, December 5, 2013

When in Lillehammer....

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday - the Internet crashed ENTIRELY at our hotel and anyone without 3G access has no way of communicating with the outside world!  I'm currently staked out at the Lillehammer race venue using the Internet briefly before lunch. It's a full on snow storm outside and so far, it's showing no sign of stopping!

This weekend we have a classic 10k individual start race and a team relay. I personally had a pour opening World Cup weekend in Kuusamo which as a huge disappointment but I'm really happy to say that the US will be starting not one but TWO female relay teams on Sunday here in Norway. (Yes, Norway may have four but we'll have TWO!)  I'm looking forward to another chance to put my hard work to the test and the new tracks in the Lillehammer Stadium ('94 Olympic site!) will be a challenge! 

While I'm not ecstatic about my results thus far I do have to say that this comment on my facebook page lightened my day.  Don Haering was one of my athletes when I coached at West High School and today he is an APU employee. Don't worked on Eagle Glacier, as a coach, and as a wax technician for APU. (After he graduated from the University and the team)  I'm really proud to say that lots of the athletes I coached are still in the sport and one of them is my current teammate at APU! (Funny how things change?)  Nonetheless, thanks DON for the note and I really appreciate your appreciation! 

Here are a couple of photos from the past few days: 
 Leaving Finland.... 

 Each meal in Norway features approximately 20 different ways and types to eat fish - smoked, cooked, baked, caviar, locks, etc, etc. It's wild. 

Yesterday we took advantage of being in Lillehammer and went for a tour of the SWIX factory. I've been a Swix athlete for quite some time now and it's really, really fun to see how wax is made. 

 This machine filled the tubes with klister (KR20?) and then clamped the tubes shut, put them in boxes, etc, etc.... it was really fun to see! 

Here is a panorama of the factory.  Swix will be moving into a new building in approximately two years because they've outgrown their current one. I'm glad to hear that business is good and they are very proud that they've managed to keep a big part of their production here in Norway (one of the most expensive countries in the world) as opposed to taking it all overseas. 

Time for lunch but I hope that the Internet gets back to business so I can write more! Best to all of you - have a great weekend and I'll try to do the same! 

Holly :)