Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunshine & K's on Eagle... (as in kilometers...)

Eagle Glacier in Pictures.... 

 Reese showing off his pre-glacier camp pancake sandwich 

 Thanks Alpine Air for getting us and all of our stuff up to Eagle!

 Riding in the back of the helicopter with Lex enroute to his first time on Eagle! 

 About to make touch down at the facility

 Awesome heli shot 

Sun safety zinc lip balm... me, Sadie, Rosie, Lauren & Fitz 

Got buzzed by Reese and Don's roommate Austin 

 More sun safety 
 Sadie B 
 Part of the 9k loop... 

 We have a new, legit men's team. They trained together all week... it was impressive 

Erik, Reese & Lex in threshold skate intervals 

 Me, making sure to "Get Out and Play Everyday!" 

Eagle on a clear day does not suck 

 Looking down at Girdwood and Turnagain Arm 

 Eagle, Panorama Style 

 Out for a ski with my music.... thanks so much to all my great sponsors that help make productive training camps like this one possible. 

 D. Norris manning the grill on burger night! 

 Making cookies

 Can't ignore strength work, even on the glacier 

 Klister testing.... 

 Panorama.... drink pond, athletes waiting for heli, tool connex, facility, waxing connex, trash connex, edge of cliff 

We practiced our soft conditions all week as the snow didn't really freeze once. 

 Photo: Reese Hanneman 

 The mastermind, Erik Flora 

 Da boys.... Erik Flora, Erik Bjornsen, Tyler Kornfield, David Norris, Lex Treinen, Sam Sterling & Reese Hanneman 

 Coach, yet again 

 Reese was all smiles 


 Good to test out some new klister boards! 

 Erik "attending" class from the glacier!  (Super cool opportunity granted by APU!)

 Lauren uses the make-shift trash can ice tub 

 APU Girls after an L4 classic session.... after the weather turned a bit more familiar..... 

 For classic intervals we tried something new. We had a "tech off" where each tech had a team of 3 skiers. Skier's skis were judged on kick and glide and at the end of the session, a winner was determined. You may ask what was on the line? Well, Don won and for his efforts he got to have part of the course named after him and the other techs were required to make a sign to mark the trail! What is it called? You'll have to ski Eagle to find out..... 

 Post OD (over distance) food. Sometimes you just need a bit of grease! 

 The ladies, waiting for the helicopter
 Staff, all smiles! Mikey, Sam & Don 

 ..... and the reason we had to wait. It was clear on Eagle and cloudy down below. You've gotta love those days where you're literally "above" the clouds! 

Life, on the glacier 

 The old machine 

 Selfy - with the glacier in the background 

Hello Costco

 Hello supplies 

 It's super cool in that Eagle is running mostly all summer with camps. Here are master skiers arriving at Eagle for their camp which began today. They took the heli up, we took the heli down. They get a small taste of what we do. 

 We had no more than 30 seconds to take this picture with Gil Lund, a Kongsberger member (from Seattle) that came for the camp! 

Last but not least, our safe return to sea level & civilization. Thanks to Erik, Mikey, Don & Sam for making that one of the most productive Eagle Camps ever! 

If you're still interested in seeing more pictures of Eagle, check out my teammate Reese Hanneman's blog for some really creative shots HERE!

What's next? Time for a couple of days laying low and then it's time to get back to training! Thanks for following along! 
Holly :)