Monday, October 13, 2014

A story worth telling......

3022: A Mt. Marathon Story 

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? What does that make a documentary worth? Let's just say, a lot. Especially if you're as talented and dedicated as Max and Natalie are. 

What am I talked about? Well, you know that crazy race Mt. Marathon? (Yes, the one where the "last racer up" is still MIA?!) They are turning it into a full length documentary film. These two are taking the second oldest foot race in the US and telling the story - complete with history, race footage (from 20 cameras!) and pre-post race interviews.  They have been up in planes and used drones to capture some amazing footage. Let's just say these guys are legit story tellers. They're passionate about the program and dedicated to the project of telling the Mountain's story. They have big plans for their film once they're done including submitting it to the Banff Mountain Film Festival among others. Check out their trailer on Indiegogo yourself:
(Make sure to scroll all the way down and read their story if you have time. It's really good!)

I'm sure many of you have seen pictures from the race or heard stories. 
There have been a couple of amateur videos made... or perhaps you caught a glimpse of the hap-hazard LIVE footage of the men's race. If you weren't there July 4th you didn't "see" the women's race because while the men's race is shown LIVE on 2 Alaskan TV stations the women's race is not. Gender equality in sports is one of the many topics the documentary, 3022 will touch on gently..... 

"We've told you a lot about our film and the production, but something we haven't told you is what we hope it does to change the way female athletes are treated by media. There is no questioning that the women who run this race are bad-ass. Mt. Marathon is as dangerous as it is grueling, and as many women run the same course as men each year. But, despite the fact that they run the same race on the same day and display the same level of athletic prowess, only the men's race is broadcasted on TV. After meeting and interviewing so many of the top female competitors, we simply do not understand why."

As a female athlete who works and trains just as hard as the men in this race this statement resonates with me and I'd bet it does with some of you too..... just another reason to support Max and Natalie's project!

A bit of background on the two film makers. Max went to Service High School and met Natalie at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. This is their passion project and they've been busting their butts. The full length film won't be out for a while but there is talk about a release party at a brewery. Here's the ironic part. They aren't even old enough to DRINK!  I hadn't met these two until they contacted me about conducting their pre-race interview. I have two say, I was impressed with them from the start. They are ambitious, dedicated, motivated beyond belief, responsible, reliable. I think these guys are going somewhere. They are mature well beyond their years. And here's the kicker - they need our help! 

As you can see from their site, they have a big undertaking. This isn't a simple YouTube film. There is no iPhone footage. These guys are legit film makers and they need our help to tell the 3022 story. Of course they need cold, hard cash but they also need backers, even at the $5 level. Even a small donation, the equivalent of a cup of coffee is a statement that you support their mission and what they're doing, the story they are working hard to share. 

So please, help me in spreading the word about the project. Donate $5 bucks or $100. Pass the info along to individual or corporate donors who might be interested in backing the project. They won't be sorry! 

In the meantime, I'd like to share an article written about Max in our local paper.... 

Here is Max's website where you can check out his portfolio and other videos: 

Last but not least, speaking of videos here is a short video clip of the La Sgambeda, the first FIS Marathon I plan to do in Italy December 12th. The beginning is a bit boring but from 30 seconds on it gets a bit more interesting. (It's no Max & Natalie film!)