Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!

At long last, here are some Olympic action shots that I promised awhile back!   I don't have pics of everyone, but here is a selection.  Better late than never!

I'm in Maine right now...more on JO's in a bit.  -Holly  :)

James finishing on stadium curve.

Skate race

Pack of skiers.  Notice the cameras on the snowmachines.


Kikkan in relay.

Relay (thanks for Seth for photo!)

Training day.

Pre-race game face.


Kikkan finishing sprint relay, eventually beating out Sara Renner (CAN).

Pursuit day.

Liz Stephan

Morgan Arritola

Caitlin Compton

Channel 2 KTUU live news feed from Restaurant in Squamish.

Thanks for the lovely banner Alex Okeson and family!

This gentleman is from Peru.  He's a member of the Kongsberger club outside Seattle

Caitlin Compton

Torin in sprint qualifiers.

Garrot in sprint qualifing.

Petter Northug....the world's fastest 100m sprinter...this guy is incredible.  You gotta see it to believe it.

James in on finish stretch.

Freeman finishing.

The gang going to opening ceremonies (well, most of the gang.... a few missing...)

Pursuit race. Perianne Jones on the left, me on the right.