Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Goal - cross the line in one (working) piece

The countdown is almost over - I'm headed down to Seward within the hour.  July 4th is always an exciting time of year.... luckily it isn't quite as hectic as last year. (I'm not getting married next week, rather celebrating my one-year anniversary!)

Me and Cedar on the way up... 

There is always a lot of hype around this race - more so than any other race in Alaska.  Maybe it's because a ton of 3,000 swells to over 30,000 for the weekend or maybe it's because the race truly epitomizes Alaska. Racers, myself included climb 3022 (to be exact!) above sea level in less than an hour and descend down a series of steep pitches, cliffs, and waterfalls in less than 15 minutes. I'll admit - I'm excited, and a bit nervous too. After last year, my goals include #1 to get down the mtn safely. I can stand pain - I don't mind blood, bruises or falls. I just don't want to withstand an injury that will keep me from training in the days, weeks and months after the race. My second goal (which is always very important to me) is to have FUN. Racing is fun.  If I can accomplish these first two goals, I believe that a good result will follow!

Here are a couple of pictures from last year:

A view of (part of) the downhill

To show the steepness of terrain

An ambulance waiting at the bottom

Looking pretty happy in the ER?

I checked myself out to cross the finish line before going back for more IV fluid and the Drs clearance

Final ER discharge - 7pm

There was an article in the ADN this morning..... check it out here if you're interested. 

Good luck to all the racers! 
Holly :)