Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday - CHECK!

I did it!  A little Wednesday update... probably my shortest blog yet!  Things in Park City have been pretty chill but they're starting to pick up fast... it's going to get busy really, really soon. With what you might ask? Meetings, USOC training, pictures, uniforming, more pictures, presentations, Fast and Female Park City, Fundraisers, Testing, blood tests, goal meetings, technique, more pictures.... training twice a day.  

To complicate things the USST Team always stays up at Empire, near Guardsman Pass while in Park City.  I believe it's close to 8600 feet - basically at the top of a mountain.  We have a few cars .. but we have more people so we joke about how every day is a carpooling jigsaw puzzle with everyone's slightly different schedules, meetings, and PT appointments.  You can't exactly walk to or from town  unless you want it to be one of your training sessions for the day! (For the record I am NOT complaining) 

 As you can see, Fall is in full effect here in Park City. We've had some gorgeous days but this weekend is forecasted to get colder and snow, rain, or thunder - we shall see! 

 I spent today in Salt Lake City; I had an airport workout, airport workout sandwich plus some.  I enjoyed the change of pace and got to mix things up with my good friend and old training partner Katie Ronsse. Katie has less than a year left of PT school at UU. She took me out on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Katie and I have done lots of adventures in Alaska together and we are always Bear Aware. But today we found a new predator..... 

This snake was just chilling across one of the bike paths we encountered.  We didn't really want to bike by it so we stopped and threw things at it like total amateurs. We thought it might be dead because it wasn't responding but then we saw the tongue... Needless to say it was a great ride and we survived the snake encounter! 

Last but not least - SAVE THE DATE! 
Fast and Female ANCHORAGE is going to be Saturday, October 26th! We'll be signing up participants & gathering volunteers shortly. We hope to see you there! 

More from Park City soon! 
Thanks for reading,