Friday, April 10, 2015

Khanty in photos...

I made it to Khanty! 

... and there is an important race tomorrow but it might resemble Alyeska's slush cup a bit... 

It's called the "Ugra Ski Marathon"

 And it's not really freezing at night....... It could be a shin-deep slush 50k suffer fest out there tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no salt in sight. 

 On the way here you could buy Putin Paraphernalia in a vending machine if you wish.... 

After 18 hours of travel! Yikes! 

 That's for me! 

 Russian biathlete ladies, complete with gun iphone case.... 

 Kilometer 20 earlier in the week, before the rain started

 Building a stadium in the middle of..... ???

More building 

 Lots of high level Russians will be in attendance including men's Sochi 50k Alexander Legov... 

 The accoms.... 
 Borscht for lunch! 

 Boots with the fur 

 The first few days of the trip were pretty quiet. Luckily I made some new friends from the Mongolian Paralympic team! 

With Batmunkh (pronounced "com-bolt")  We trained together for the whole ski Thursday!

And then we had a gift exchange. I am bringing how the beautiful painting that I am holding and I traded some athlete cards and Alaska smoked salmon (not pictures but they DID receive it) 

 Two strong legs, one strong arm & a great spirit! 

 New Carbons! (Thanks Salomon!)

 It's quite barren and flat around these parts.... 

And here is what we found in the city..... 

 The Internets decent so I can't complain! 

 Apparently the race will be televised in Russia although I haven't been able to nail down any of the details. 

Phones with translation apps come in handy for on the go communication! 

When jogging, watch out for uncovered man-holes. Reminds me of somewhere else I've been (Sochi!)

Last ones a "fast" one? 50 k's to go and then three days of traveling home and I will be done! 
Check back for a race report to see what happened.....