Saturday, October 30, 2010

What did you do this morning?

This is what the APU team did....

Hatcher's this morning was our first time on snow since our week of skiing on Eagle Glacier in August.  I felt awkward for approximately two minutes before the roller ski/snow ski adjustment set in.  I suppose that is one of the many benefits of summer glacier skiing...... Here Sadie and Greta pose for an early morning shot as Jack (left) skis into the picture.

The sunshine slowly but surely creeps up over the mountain top.  Hatchers in October is absolutely gorgeous if you can't tell.... 

APU teammates skiing around one of the loops

"Team skiing!" 

The trail conditions forum read "one inch of packed powder - bring your rock skis."  I'm going out with some good boards tomorrow! The trail forum report seemed to keep everyone else in town though... :)  Thank you very much to the Strabel family that makes this awesome skiing possible! 

Me and Kikkan with coach, Erik Flora

This ski more than made up for the Friday afternoon double pole on black ice that I went on. I'm excited to get some quality sessions on snow before departing for West Yellowstone. Should provide some time to test new skis and gear as well! 

See you out there, 
Holly :)