Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Behind the Scense @ the TDS!

On the Tour there is a lot of racing and a lot of traveling. While I don't have many pictures of the actual skiing, I'll take this opportunity to share some "behind the scenes shots" from our team!  It's important to keep it fun & light - especially during times of high pressure and when you're away from home for five months.... 

 Delectable pancake-dessert shared by five USST members in Oberhof! (Check out restaurant "Cortina" if you're ever there!) 

 Noah on the eve of the Tour with his mega chocolate bar - a prize from a team sprint. People always say you have to eat a lot in the Tour...... 

 General lack of outlets in Europe for all our gadgets. Here is my computer charging in the bathroom.... 

 Girls race bibs, hanging.... complete with Kikkan's sprint leader black bib. 

 I found these skis outside a bakery in Germany.... the owner must have stopped for a croissant and cappuccino break! 

Road side Gluhwein! 

 Good morning!!! 

 Girls team on a morning birthday run halfway between Oberhof and Val Mustair... 

 Church steeple in the middle of a lake (frozen) that was flooded when a dam was built

 If you ever want a fun time, buy some fake mustaches.... We wore these on our car ride while singing country music. Then we showed up at the Swiss race venue with them.  I bet we ended up on TV or in a newspaper somewhere..... (judging by all the professional photogs that took pics of us @ the venue!) 

 I rocked this look! 

 Nuff said.... Happy 30th Birthday Kikkan! 

 Sprint race poster from Dario's home town 

 A special new year's birthday "princess" cake gifted by our Swedish friends 

 On New Years we had a "party bomb" we bought at the grocery store.... 

 The frozen Steinbock sculpture in the middle of the sprint stadium

Going to a team meeting momentarily about our pursuit start 15k tomorrow afternoon!  Stage four of the Tour de Ski!  Thanks so much for all the cheers!  Happy New Years to everyone all over the world!