Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a CRAZY day!

First of all, THANK YOU everyone for your support through the tough times and the good - today was one of those good days - really, really good!  I missed a phone call around 8am this morning while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth.  When I viewed the missed call I saw that it was "435", the Park City area code.   It was either going to be a really good call, or a really bad call. It was good!  Pete (Head US Ski Team coach) told me to pack my bags!

From there it's been a whirl-wind day of calling and texting family and friends, talking to the media, doing my JOB!  I was great to attend both my Noon Masters session and a practice with my junior athletes to share the news with them!

Erica came to practice with a Go Holly! Headband and foam hand... a couple of the juniors boys lost "the bet" and have to die their hair a color of my chosing.  I got a phone message from Lisa Murkowski personally congratulating me!  When I pulled into my driveway this sign was on my front window:

I'm not sure who made it but I have my suspicions!  (Thanks!)

I wish I had time to relax, to return phone calls, to get a long night of sleep but that's all far from the truth! I fly out tomorrow morning at 7:30am which means I have to be at the airport at 5:45, up at 4:45, etc, etc. Kikkan, James, Erik and I are headed to Canmore early for an altitude camp prior to the pre-Olympic World Cup in Canmore.  Most people don't have their first International racing experience a couple days before competing in the Olympics.  It's not ideal but I'll take it!

Thanks Everyone!

Got the call!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Holly got 'the call' this morning at 8 AM from the US Ski Team coaches.   This is what we've been waiting for!    Huge thanks to everyone for all your support along the way, cheers, hugs, and good vibes.  Holly will be updating this blog daily over the next 5 weeks, so stay tuned for all kinds of good stuff!


Rob (holly's husband)

We thought it would be fun to do a small fundraiser or two to help offset some of the costs of chasing the Olympic dream.   If you would like to donate through the PayPal link, we'll send you a GO HOLLY sticker.   We also have some 'OIA:  still awesome patches'  as well.    In case you were wondering what OIA stands for, it means "only in alaska.'   It epitomizes what being an Alaskan stands for and the opportunities that we are presented with while living here. 

**Note**  The PayPal link is set up in Rob's name (Holly's Husband) as he is helping her out with some management stuff for her.  If you donate, you will receive an email confirmation that has Rob's name on it.  Rest assured, these funds will be transferred into Holly's account immediately following.   Holly is just swamped with a ba-zillion things going on, and she asked that I (Rob) manage this account for her.  Thanks!!!!of stic

kers and patches are at the top of the blog)


Rob Whitney (Holly's husband)

PS. "OIA" stands for "Only In Alaska!"  OIA epitomizes the Alaskan spirit and celebrates unique opportunities granted to those who live here.