Thursday, August 9, 2012

August on XC Ski Girl...

Check it out if you're interested! 

Post from Sweden coming shortly. I'm almost half way through the camp and it's been a great experience. Tomorrow 5x10 minutes classic roller ski intervals, threshold. PM strength and then we're headed to Torsby for some more tunnel skiing! 

In the meantime, here is a small selection of photos taken from facebook - thanks friends! 

 Team Sweden & USA on the first training session - 3 hour bog run!  Thanks to Kikkan for the pic! 

Roller ski skate sprint race..... what a fun way to do intervals!  Went FIVE times.. prelim, 2 quarterfinals, a semi & final. Each heat had four skiers. Winner of each heat moved up a bracket, last place moved down. Kept the workout super fluid and really fun. Got to work on top speed, race tactics, skiing in a pack. Compliments to Chandra for capturing the pic! 

Running with Kalla, day one - thanks to Kik for the pic

More soon! 
Holly :)