Sunday, February 16, 2014

Men's Olympic Relay in Photos....

Here's how the men's Olympic relay unfolded, through my camera lens. 

Sweden loses a ski 1 minute into race and then gaps the field! 

 Swedish Gold Medalists watching the men's race unfold 

 Into the lead 

 Erik chasing down Belarus! 

Historic men's relay racer.... 

 Hellner in Leg 3 with a big lead 

 Hoff chasing down Canada and Estonia 

 Legov with a HUGE leg 3 for Russia! 

 The Russian tag... 

 Post race carnage and pain cave.... 

 Maxim... the Russian Anchor

 Team Sweden celebrates.... they did it again! 

 Hellner with the Swedish flag into the stadium 

Peter, our Swedish wax tech. 

First foggy day here in Sochi. Biathlon has been postponed twice. Maybe the weather is turning, we shall see? 

More soon!