Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stuff, stuff, more stuff, and Bonnie.......

Hey all,

I'm going to try and be brief. It's been a long day and we're getting up early tomorrow to get to the village - and to go train. Today consisted of driving, flying, credentialling, (is that a word?) getting THREE duffles of schwag, having a briefing on our press conference for tomorrow, and ending with an introductory meeting co-hosted by Bonnie Blair!  Enjoy the photos........

It's my turn for the Ralph Lauren shot:

Also... Freeman is going to be on the Today show tomorrow morning. (He has to wake up at 4am!)  Check it out. 

My roommate for the next two and a half weeks, Caitlin Compton, at the "check out" line - the one where you don't have to pay :) 

Bonnie then.... 

Bonnie now.... 


Liz and her favorite new piece of Olympic wear

Erik Flora previewing the closing ceremonies attire in the "instant alterations" room

Nordic boys ready to head to the Cape... 

Getting my credential literally a few steps off the plane 

A couple of other random thoughts from the day. 

*One thing we learned in our intro today is that there are going to be TWICE as many media people here as athletes.  That number was a bit mind-blowing to me. 

*USSA has brought in a media representative to help us with press conference, manage requests, etc.

*Both Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancusco were in our dinner meeting (there were only 25 or so athletes.)  I didn't recognize them at first because they looked like - guess what - REAL people. I suppose when the last time you've seen someone is on the front of a magazine with tons of make-up and airbrushing they may tend to look different. (That said, they still, of course looked great.) 

*As it turns out McDonalds is the SOLE distributor of coffee in the athlete village during the games. This means NO coffee at breakfast and long lines just to get our am fix. I was overjoyed to learn that my roomie is a coffee drinker too so we're devising a plan as we speak. (Kaladi, if you want to send us a coffee carepackage that wouldn't be turned down!) 

Okay, I need to get to bed. I am very excited to ski the courses tomorrow for the first time - I think I may be the only one on the team that hasn't trained there in both the summer and the winter. No worries - that just adds to the excitment. More tomorrow!  

Thanks SO MUCH for all the wonderful support. 
Sweet Dreams, 
Holly :)