Saturday, February 27, 2010

My 5th (and final) race of the Olympics!

After thinking I was going to watch the race from the sidelines, the competitors instinct took over….and I decided to race!   I hate to admit how much I agonized about the decision, but I am happy with the outcome.  While it was not my best race of the season, it was a very solid performance.  My plan was to start slow and build into the race. Nearing the finish, I remember thinking that I wish I had 10 km to go in the race because I was gaining on a pack of skiers right ahead of me.    Here are a few pictures that Rob took of all the wonderful fans from the race today, more to come tomorrow.  Lots of work to do:  packing, logistics, and trying to find to my ski bag which has mysteriousl disappeared (which is a problem if one if trying to transport 20 pairs of skis.   Rumor has it that Petra Madjic travels with 100 pairs of skis!)  

I was almost embarrassed by all the support out there today and these past two weeks.  You guys are awesome and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  I feel like I was the luckiest racer out there.   

Hugs to everyone,


P.S.   Because of Olympic rules, I can’t post race photos for a few more days…but count on a HUGE post of race photos once that time comes!!!!

Linda Cresup of Anchorage made this sweeet banner! Thanks Linda!

..a close up.

....on the jumbo-tron after finishing my 30 km race

SUPERFANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     .....along the final 180 turn to the finish

Erica and Jaime!

This has got to be the coolest picture of the coolest people at Callahan Valley! 

Friends Erin and Rob Gates from Portland drove up for the weekend.  (Erin is from the US, Rob from Canada...thus the flags.)

G-A-N-G-S-T-A    style!      that's right.......

Eli is #1.  Period.  Plain and simple.  Any questions??!!!!!!!!

My family (w/ John, Steve, Emily, Katharine, Karen)

Rob's family:  Heather, R, me, Erin, Frank)

Japan's skiers totally kicked butt today and the Japanese fans loved it!!!!!  Go Japan!  whoop whoop

Kikkan & myself.   Hat's off to Kikkan on a great race today and a stellar week!

Super-lady-APU-master-skiers!!!!    bling anyone?  :)

I found this on the trail on the walk out with my family.  Norwiegian fans have business cards claiming their fan-li-ness!!!    THAT is awesome.    .....still awesome.

Peter Graves.  The voice of skiing commentary.   This is his 8th Olympics as an announcer.  wow!

Anchorage ladies!!   (and Shawn Lillifjell on the left!)   boo-yaa!

***the rest of these pics from the the race on the 25th, Relay day.....but I like the pics.....

Mr. Wild William.  The Man with a Plan.    O to the I to the A!

Gotta love the Norgweigian's outfits!  

....along the 180 turn to the finish in the stadium

Go Alaska!  (thanks to the Knapp's!)

Ron Randall being interviewed on the Jumbo-tron after Kikkan TORE IT UP in the relay first leg!!!!

I stuck around to watch history in Nordic Combined.  Billy Demong......1st place!   THAT was COOL!!!!!

Billy on the podium!  Johnny (L) second, and an Austrian in 3rd (R)

Fans and the flags (I liked the shot!)