Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#storyofmylife, Fast & Female + running with chickens!

Another insanely fun, busy & productive week... I'm going to share a bunch of pictures and they are going to be out of order..... because I'm too tired to re-arrange everything. Gotta keep ya on your toes! 

We had our 5th annual Fast & Female Anchorage event. I have to say that I think it was the most fun ever. The APU Ski girls were joined by UAA Gymnastics & BB... as well as a rep from Women's ski jumping and more. It was AWESOME. 

We had a photo booth where girls could dress up and get their pictures taken together - what a hit!  Here are a bunch of girls - trying to look serious but I promise (or at least think!) they were having fun :) 

 After a busy week Kikkan and I needed to get some R&R and focus on training. We did a mini-camp up at Hatcher's Pass Lodge. Being mid-week and bad weather we had full control of the place. It was awesome, restful & just what we needed.  They even had the Shining on VHS although we opted out of that. We spent one morning drinking coffee reading over the surveys from Fast & Female in front of the fire place. It was near heaven... 

 This is bar-none the most hilarious comment in the entire stack of 200 surveys! 

 I took some photos & video with Rick & Levi up at Hatcher's Pass for Kendall - stayed tuned for that! (Thanks for the fun shoot you two) 

 I think Buggz has SAD..... because he's been sleeping in this chair, in this position for what seems 20 of 24 hours lately. Anyone else's pets acting overly lazy? 

 Recording PSAs with the Girl Scouts! And being paid in Girl Scout Cookies! (Perhaps selling 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies when I was young helped with my work ethic?) 

Me & Kikkan with Mary and Bonnie - our SUPER FAST AND FEMALE VOLUNTEER! We couldn't have done it without her!  A special thank you also goes out to Joey Cat! You ladies rock! 

 Tons of activity stations at FF where girls got to try all sorts of cool things! 

 Sling shot biathlon - with tootsie rolls! 

Thanks so much to all the sponsors for Fast & Female - we had great community support for the event which made it possible. A special shout out to one of my long-time sponsors, the Rhyneer Clinic which kicked in for the event!  

Also of note is that BP donated 10K to Fast & Female!  We're really hoping to build the programing and dream of being able to hire more staff so we can expand and have more programs.  This donation is a great start to that. 

 Linda Cresap had the team over for a meal.... it was AMAZING surprise surprise. I felt like I was in high school again having a teammate's parent cook for us. Why can't this happen everyday? 

 This past weekend we also had the APU FUNDrun benefiting both NNF and the Alaska Winter Olympians Foundation.  There were some AMAZING costumes. Special thanks goes to Jim Jager for the vision & for organizing! 

 It's important to note that Lex ran the ENTIRE 5k with a LIVE chicken. Yep. 

 Go Eva! 

 Teammates at an early am session at Hatcher's Pass 

To create good skis one must keep klister in their pants :) 

Until next week!  Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe out there!