Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heaven (in Canada!)

Today was race prep... everyone was out testing their skis. The scene was awesome.  I think some of the pictures below will speak for themselves!  I'm excited to go 10k tomorrow. I felt great skiing today. Somehow the steep hills seem to be getting smaller each day. Check out some of these shots!

Another perfect day in Canmore. It's great to feel the sunshine on your face... the girl in pink is Petra Madjic, arguably the best female classic sprinter in the world right now. Maybe one of these days I'll get the courage up to ask for a true photo rather than having to stalk her in the parking lot :)

Here I am with the first US Ski Team hat I've ever owned standing in front of the biggest hill on the course. It's steeper and longer than it looks in this picture. I'm glad we did Wall Street intervals on the first half of Spencer a couple of times before we left Alaska! 

APU head coach and program director Erik Flora

One of my APU teammates, Beeca Rorabaugh loving Canmore - she just found out that she gets to race the distance race in addition to the sprint.  She's only 20 years old! 

Me and my skis which have been awesome all year.... (doesn't it look like I'm holding an Alaskan Salmon?)  OIA!!! But this time in Canmore :) 

We got our new US Ski Team Bjorn Daehlie suits so of course we had to try them on in our hotel room once we got back from training. One of our jobs this afternoon is to sew APU patches above the US Ski Team Logo! 

Also, all of you Alaskans might be happy to know that we've put up a gigantic Alaskan flag in the hotel dining hall.  The Italians are the only other World Cup team staying at this hotel with us. Apparently they asked the wait staff, "what's that flag?!"  My goal is to get a picture with some of the famous Italians IN FRONT on the Alaskan flags! 

Thanks so much for all of the encouraging emails - you guys are the best!