Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PHOTOS - three weeks of 'em!

We had snow! Until we didn't..... We had a pretty fantastic snow storm October 20th and were skiing directly after that. We were in heaven, skiing directly in town - even the Spencer Loop!  The trails in Girdwood were even better.... until everything melted.  As of last week we're back to roller skiing. Each day consists of waking up and checking temperatures around town. Which part might have the least black ice? (Remember these challenging fall/winter days when later this season I'm posting pictures of sunshine and powder in Italy!) 

Here is a quick chronical of what I've been up to lately.... best told in pictures: 

This past weekend I headed out to Nancy lakes for some "alternative" training. I've always wanted to skate/hike the circuit of lakes and portages. While it wasn't overly aerobic it was a fun adventure (17 lakes, 23 miles)

Thanks to Gary and Heather for letting me borrow their nordic skates. If you haven't seen these things, they're really cool. I was able to use regular, Salomon ski boots (and bindings) This was essential because we were taking them off and putting them back on so often. I also took the liberty of wearing lots of protective hockey equipment. I've worked too hard to get injured now! 

While it hasn't been cold enough for snow I can hardly complain about the weather. This was my commute on the way to training the other day.  Tomorrow AK will officially have less than 7 hours of daylight - losing about 5 minutes a day. Winter Solstice is right around the corner though and days will start getting longer before we know it. 

The other day I went with some Alaska Pacific University teammates to join Special Olympics AK athletes for a workout at their new facility. I've volunteered with these guys a couple times in the past few years and its always a fun time. Shannon, in the yellow, is hoping to represent Special O in the X Games in Snowboarding!  If you're in town Dec 20th consider taking the "Polar Plunge" to help fund these guys :) 

Last day of APU practice for Kikkan - dry bounding on the Turnagain Arm Trail 

 Love the white stuff but life could be a lot worse

 Buggz has been helping me out on my homework. I have to finish my full graduate load 1.5 weeks early to depart for my first marathon, the La Sgambeda Dec 4th. Only 4 more papers and two big presentations to go..... 

 Unicycle Club at Trailside Elementary School! The entertainment before my presentation for "Red Ribbon" week (Say no to Drugs!) 

 Sharing stories about all the cool places you can go and things you can do if you make healthy choices - no drugs, eat well, exercise often - simple, right? 

My welcome sign that the Unicyclers literally peddled through, game-show style!

 Post training shot - when the skiing was still good... 

 Rob was Paul Bunyan for Halloween. Every year our neighborhood gets hit HARD. My neighbor counted 180 trick or treaters? For those that didn't have costumes - they got a brussel sprout..... lucky them!  Somehow our house didn't get egged! 

 We were Russian Matryoshka Dolls! 

Pavement to snow and back to pavement... 

APU shoveling party on the Hillside. It improved the skiing while it lasted! 

 The other day I walked the runway at Skinny Raven's "Best in Boots" fashion show - a benefit for the YWCA. I had 3 different outfits and my first was Salomon, head to toe. I brought my own skis as a prop! 

Every Monday night from 7-10 I have three hours of Lifespan Development Class.  Every week our professor brings Dove chocolate for the entire class - EVERY week. Someone I got this message inside my piece last week.  (My facebook athlete page is called, "Holly Brooks - "Dare to Dream") 

If you haven't tried the CLIF holiday flavors get some while they last!  Pecan pie, pumpkin pie & iced gingerbread. YUM! 

 Here I am skiing on Halloween in Girdwood. It was SO GOOD while it lasted. 

 Our annual front yard Halloween decorations made the paper

My pumpkin

More soon - thanks for checking in! 
Holly :)