Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Power of 25 & Sochi Send Off!

Heyo! Happy Wednesday ya'll!  Just T-8 days until I pack my bags until spring time! Time is flying by and needless to say, it's busy with training, life & everything nearly a 5-month "deployment" entails :) 

My "leaving on a jet plane" time is quickly approaching but that's not the only thing..... The "Drive for 25" campaign is also 9 days from the end. Check out a note about the campaign that I sent to a bunch of folks this past weekend (below my first screen shot here) 

Dear Ski Friends, 

I'm writing with a quick favor to ask.  By now, I'm sure that many of you have heard of the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) and the "Drive for 25."  Basically, it's a grassroots engagement campaign to bring the US Ski Community & friends closer together - and draw support for the future of US Skiing. (Take note that I'm not calling it a "fundraiser" even though it is technically a fundraiser.)  

Instead, it's a chance to take ownership and contribute to the future of the sport.  SO.... when we have success in Sochi, you can say that YOU were a contributing factor!  Money raised goes to offset expenses for development trips and unfunded positions on the World Cup. 

It's funny sending this note to many of you because you ARE the Nordic community.  But, if we don't call on the Nordic community & friends to pitch in, who will?  As such, Rob and I also contributed $25 dollars each to signify that we support the future as well.   

So, I'm asking you to please consider pitching into the campaign.  My goal is to get 25 different donors at $25 dollars each.  I don't care much about the dollar amount but more about the participation.  If you'd like to donate more of course that is your decision.  My goal is to get at least 25 different people to pitch in!!!!!  

Also, to be clear - this is not a fundraiser for me. It's a fundraiser for the future of the sport.  Please consider joining me by donating, as I have done here: 

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone on my page who stepped up thus far - you guys ROCK! 

I took screen shots of the 21 folks who have donated to the NNF via my page thus far (as of last Tuesday night.)  Thanks so much to these people for becoming STAKEHOLDERS!  It's funny in that I feel like a lot of people aren't donating because they are a coach, a groomer, an administrator, have kids or a family member that skis. It's so easy to feel like others will do it but please, take the bull by it's horns and help out this great cause! NNF has helped me fund trips in the past that I would have otherwise been unable to afford. Had it not been for those trips I might not be vying for my second Olympics! I'm not asking anyone to donate a lot (but of course you are welcome!)  The most important part of this campaign to me is ownership - as I stated above. So please, if the Nordic Ski Community means anything to you, please consider joining us!

Speaking of Nordic Skiing...... the skiing at Hatchers continues to be magnficent. The historic Independance Mine is so picturesque, I just love skiing there although it is incredibly challenging skiing. While the drive is a big time suck I am so thankful to have snow to kick & glide on.  My plan is to roller ski this afternoon but after that I might be hanging them up for the season.