Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cholula, Eggnog & 24 hours!

I'll make this quick because my beloved bed is calling..... my last night in almost five months!  I'm savoring every last minute of being home but at the same time, I'm ready to leave.  I love training and I love racing and it's time to put all this hard work to WORK! Astrid Jacobsen sent us pictures from Beito this AM (or first race stop in Norway) and things look great.  I have one sleep and 24 hours until I board the plane .... or FOUR planes to get to Norway. I have so many loose ends to deal with.  I owe many of you visits, Thank yous and all kinds of things but perhaps they'll have to wait until I am overseas - and perhaps via skype? It's always a balancing match trying to get every last thing done, prioritize training, and making sure that you don't get sick before you hit the road.  

One also has to figure out how to fit Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day & Rob's birthday into a duffel bag because that is exactly how long it will be until I return to AK! 

Speaking of that, here is a bit of my life right now: 

It's literally in PILES and lots of it must go.  Luckily I'm getting a packing/wardrobe coffee consult tomorrow from my good friend Najeeby. When you have to pick 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of pants for a winter they should ideally be the right ones! My apologies to Rob who has been dealing with my house-disaster zone for quite some time now. Soon enough he'll have his bachelor pad back! 

Here are a couple of my World Cup edible essentials:

And a quick shot from my night tonight... drinking Eggnog with some of my best friends. (After a moose curry dinner). What a fabulous send off! 

Tomorrow will be restful & chaotic. I'm looking forward to some time with Rob & Buggz as well as a "phone date" with my parents.  

Thanks so much to everyone who's been SO supportive. I look forward to keeping ya'll in the loop more than once a week too! I have lots of writing to do on the plane including blogs, emails, my next ADN column, my next International column for the Nordic Skier.... 

It's been great seeing a white Anchorage before taking off! More soon - flannel is calling! 
Holly :)