Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alaska Girls are here in force!

They drove throughout the night and showed up just in time to watch Petter Northug (the Norwegian Anchor with the ego the size of a beach ball) throw down in the men's 4x10k this morning...... 

They came complete with blue homemade Alaska Tu-tus (even the non-Alaskan, Jayne, was wearing one!)  and x-tra tuffs - just in case the weather gets sloppy. 

Although the weather has changed from blue to grey, the level of spirit amongst family and friends seems to be rising - it should make up for any lack of sunshine for sure.  Last night I got a text from one of the masters athletes that I coach. A group of them are coming down to watch the relay and the 30k.  She informed me that they "bought out the USA section of Party World."  I can't wait for this one because these ladies know how to dress up in style! 

(Spectators watching the diamond screen while the racers are out of site)

It seems like the back-end of the Games are loaded with friends and family coming to watch the races. It's funny because I feel like I've been here a long time and even though we still have two races left, the reality of life and logistics after the Games are already starting to pile up.  How will I get all my stuff from Whistler to Vancouver? Transport to and from the Closing Ceremonies, getting from Vancouver to my flight in Seattle, a packed schedule for a couple days in Alaska, a plane ticket that still needs to be purchased to coach Junior Olympics in Northern Maine, etc, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on. Honestly, it's a bit overwhelming and I'm doing my best to focus on the task at hand - the OLYMPIC races yet to come. 

What else? 

We have a team meeting at seven to talk relay details

I'm watching the Russia/Canada hockey game via the live room feed in the background - Canada is leading 4-1 and the home crowd is going WILD

Rob put my "moose hat," (from opening ceremonies) on Ebay. It's already sitting at 300 plus dollars. While it's a nice momento from the Games it's also 1/2 of a plane ticket to the next race that I need to go to. 

I am keeping this one which I think it much sweeter. I'm sure my grand kids will someday be stoked to get this if I can keep track of it that long.... 

Last but not least, thanks again to all of the friends, family, and strangers that have either wished me well or help made this Olympic experience possible. Everyday after a race, men's or women's I run into folks from Alaska or Washington that are out here cheering their heads off - thank you!  

(Another) special thanks to my husband Rob who has helped me with EVERY aspect of skiing and life. This has been a long, exciting road for him too and he deserves a big vacation when racing season is over!  (Perhaps the two of us together!) 

Go APU in Whistler, at home in Anchorage, at JO's and Arctic Winter Games in a few weeks, masters, Wednesday nite ladies, OIA'rs at Marathons (chris, chris, Mr. WorldLoppet Champion, bill, rw).

And, here is my new friend I met today!

I'll report back tomorrow with some interesting stories from the relay for sure.

Have a great evening! 
Holly :)