Sunday, May 6, 2012

XC Ski Girl

A friend and avid skier from Seattle, "XC Ski Girl" asked me if I would do a guest post 1x per month on her blog, the idea being to give folks some ideas of what my training goals for the next month is, etc.  Here is a link to her blog and my post....... Unlike me, she posts all the time including lots of great stuff from friends in the Northwest (where I grew up) and all over the world. 

Good luck with your training XC Ski Girl & Everyone else out there!  

In other news, I just completed a challenging week of training with the APU team for "Start up camp" which included 15 hours of on-snow skiing including three interval sessions!!!!  Today, Sunday, is our "recovery" day as well as our third annual APUNSC Spring Fundraiser. 

More on life, training & such later! Thanks for reading,