Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Surprise!

 Yep.... woke up to snow!  Saturday, September 29th!  Some folks went skiing to round out the "ski every month" challenge.  Lauren and I went to run up the South Fork of the Eagle River.  Turns out running single track in fresh snow is a bit challenging.  Thanks to my Salomon Spikecross running shoes that kept me on my feet!  (Most of the time)

Running up the Hanging Glacier Valley 

Beautiful snow and the first blue sky and snow we've had in a long, long time! 

 The snow was melting at the end of the 3 hours.... snow outside, a car full of roller skis and a thermos of hot coffee at the end of the run!

Salomon spikecross - these are great for wet, slippery conditions! 

I'm off to Park City tonight for my much awaiting altitude camp, testing with the USST, and my good friend's wedding! If the weather improves here in AK, you can thank me for leaving :) 

More soon/Cheers,