Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A shout out to my teammates

Yesterday we had a team photo session. Seeing that I was in the full team and girls team shots, I didn't get those on my camera.  But, I did get my own copy of the boys team - or at least those who are here in Silver Star right now.....

 Left to right are Lars, James, Pete, Bart, Reese, Brent, and Patrick.  This picture came out well so I am excited to see the other pictures from the photo shoot!

Speaking of the APU team, many of my teammates also keep awesome blogs.  Since I'm not posting everyday, I figured that I would include links to other athlete's blogs on the APU team.  It's fun to read about similar things from a slightly different perspective.  If you're interested, here are some links (Sorry, you might have to copy and paste them into your browser)

Women’s Team:

Sadie Bjornsen
Taz Mannix
Katie Ronsse
Kikkan Randall
Morgan Smyth
Becca Rorabaugh
Erika Klaar
Holly Brooks

Men’s Team:

Brent Knight
Mark Iverson
Eric Strabel
Don Haering
Bart Dengel
Reese Hanneman
James Southam

Reese Hanneman, one of our new APU teammates (from Fairbanks!) keeps an awesome blog on Fasterskier.  He also has started making YouTube videos that show what we've been up to on the road.  This particular video shows the amount of snow we encountered in West Yellowstone and some of the boys team racing.  (Boys were warming up for their race during the girls race - Taz took the footage of the men)

Speaking of teammates, here I am with new APU team member, Morgan Smyth sporting our new E'Klarr (another teammate who makes awesome hats, headbands and buffs!) team ware.   Morgan moved up to Alaska from Utah this spring and has been training with us ever since.  I don't want to put words in her mouth but I think she's an APU convert and here to stay.  After a season of injuries (compartmental syndrome and mono) I think she's pretty happy to be a member of APU!

....... Let me just say that the APU women's team is awesome. We have a great group of girls that are smart, fast, and competent.  Intensity workouts with this group are really productive and fun.  For example, today we did an "over and under" workout where we did some L3 on the 10k skate race course and finished with some speed work on Saturday's sprint course.  We had a group of five girls going for the finish sprint, complete with lunge practice.  The crazy thing is that there is a distinct chance that the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals for Saturday's sprint will feature a lot of APU girls.... not completely different than a regular day at practice. It's great to train with such high quality teammates each and every day.  My feeling is that it can only make each and every one of us better!

 Afternoon running buddies, GA, Fitz, and Ronsse

 Morning sunbeams at the start of Sunday's training session 

 Typical, everyday grooming quality at Sovereign Lakes.... 

FYI, Sovereign Lakes, our race venue for the upcoming weekend is also hosting 2011 World Masters in March.  If you are a master skier (over 30) and are looking for a sweet trip, I highly recommend coming here!

Found on the side of the ski trail.... 

Thanks for reading! More soon, 
Holly :) 

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