Friday, February 12, 2010


Hey Folks...this is Rob(holly's husband).  She asked me to put up a quick blog....I just talked to her, she was in the motorcade traveling from Whistler to Vancouver for the opening ceremonies. Get this.....the motorcade of buses full of US athletes had armed vehicles ahead of them, armed vehicles behind them, and even a helicopter above them...all the way to Vancouver!!  How's that for security!?

Here is a great link (in Dutch, nonetheless) to watch live streaming of the opening ceremonies (thanks for Frank in Boulder for locating this):

Just click on the link you're interested in (tonight: "Ceremonies: Opening Ceremony") and then start clicking on all the links until one of them works for your computer.  


  1. Rob and Holly- thanks for the great updates! Scott and I were overwhelmed with the cheesiness of NBC's coverage of the opening ceremonies last night! UGH. I'm waiting for one of the snowboarders to punch those media guys in the face for asking dumb questions about how they feel and what this or that means to them. How about an interestinng question like,"hey figure skaters, who do you think you could take down in a cage fight: a luger or a curler?" Holly- glad you are enjoying the craziness!

  2. Rob - Thanks and keep up the hard work as Holly's spouse!!!!!!!!