Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random thoughts on a recovery day...

My first world cup race is two days away so today I have a "day off" from training.  But, that doesn't mean that I don't have a lot to do! Before the rave and the rant here is a picture to start the post off with...

This is Kikkan and myself at the venue with the Canadian Rockies in the background......

A couple random thoughts for the day:

*Since it's my recovery day I slept in a bit later than usual and was the last one at breakfast. That means that I missed the Italian team that flew in last night.  (DARN!)  They do randomly roam around the hotel though. I do have to admit that they seem to have some of the best looking guys on the world cup. (Of course not as good looking as my husband Rob though!)

*Yesterday I was wishing that I could understand Polish because I sat behind Justyna Kowalczyk, the current World Cup leader.  Maybe one of these days I will get up the courage to ask for a photo!

*On they have a cool "Olympic countdown" timer.  This morning I looked at it while drinking coffe and it gave me goosebumps!  It read: 8 day, 18 hours, 4 minutes, and 55 seconds until the start of the Olympics!  Speaking of which, I was on a training ski in Silver Star last December and randomly found the Vancouver Olympic symbol that someone had built as a rock sculpture. Check it out!

*Also, many of you have been asking about event tickets latety.  It seems like there are lots of rumors and confusion over when more tickets will be released, how much one should have to pay for them, and the best way to get them.  I WISH that I had a ton of free tickets to give away but unfortunately I do not. Apparently I get two free tickets for each event that I am racing and that is it. However, there is a forum on Fasterskier and someone threw out these sites for good scalper ticket sites:
I also have this feeling that they will be readily available AT the games once they start.  It does seem like the organizing committee has been hoarding them - for corporations, for Canadians, at this point. It's frustrating but I hope that everything will work out! I am so excited that many of you are coming down to cheer! I wish I could be of more help! (Sorry!) 

Here I am standing in the Canmore stadium... the nordic venue was the site for the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games... 

Well, it's time to get on with my day. I underpacked for this trip (in anticipation of getting lots of new clothes/uniforms) but they haven't come yet.  I've been wearing my same APU spandex every day, twice a day for a week now and I NEED to do laundry.  The hard part is that it entails hiking across the highway with a huge packpack, sitting at the laudry mat, and then hiking back.  The hotel informed me that they only have drycleaning :( 

I'll end on this fun picture for the day: 

Thanks to Rob and the APU juniors for making this sign.  (It was on the hill at US Nationals in Anchorage this past January) 

Should be a fun post tomorrow :) You'll have to check back and see why! 


  1. Enjoying your posts! Wish I was coming up, but will watch it on television or the internet. I heard that folks might be able to buy tickets on-line -- if they can do so from a Canadian ISP.

    You are probably right about being able to get tickets at the last minute - though security may be tougher without tickets in hand..... Not to mention the potential traffic issues....

  2. Hey, where did the "Y" go in the GO HOLLY letters?


  3. oh PUH-LEEEZ!! italian guys? ...................

  4. Hey Holly,
    I wish I could come out and watch you race! Hopefully there will be at least one minivan full of campers making the trip to the Olympics and finding ticket scalpers in the parking lot(I hear that works). --Ben